Wednesday, 5 November 2008

sweetest goodbye :- |

Where you are, seems to be as far as an eternity
Out stretched arms, open hearts and
If it never ends, then when do we start?

I’ll never leave you behind, or treat you unkind
I know you understand. oh…
And with a tear in my eye
give me the sweetest goodbye, that I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back
Brings me closer to heart attack
Say good bye and just fly away
when you come back,
I have some things to say

How does it feel to know you’ll never have to be alone
when you get home?
There must be someplace here, that only you and I could go..
So I could show you, how I feel..

Dream away everyday
try so hard to disreguard
The rhythm of the rain that drops
and coincides with the beating of my heart..

argh ! sweetest goodbye ! damn !

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