Saturday, 6 November 2010

what they called soulmate

I see you standing there
Watching you breathing my air
Holding hands with someone else
Feel this love that I bare

Why you said your love to me won't ever die
When you know that it's only a lie
Why you made me trust
That it's love, not a lust
Days were gone, I'm still standing on

To love you is something that true
No one can tell me that's what I can't do
To want you forever just you
To loose the thirst drink the water from you
Don't wanna deny our faith
We are what they call soulmate
The promise we made

They tell me the love we had
Shouln't happen by any reason
But to feel once your love
Making my life more complete

Cause you said your love to me won't ever die
When you know that it's only a lie
You made me trust
Love, not a lust
Days were gone, Still standing on

(Repeat chorus)

If i could do anything to show that i need you
There's so many reasons i could never end baby
I wanna show the whole world of how you once loved me
I don't wanna cry no more feeling this love
wasted by you

(Repeat chorus)

by: Agnes Monica


Hi stangers, whatcu up to ?
Im in KL now, since perlis got flood, im evacuating my self to here.
Btw, my bf now in KL. He gotta move here. Well, we will be have a long distance relationship. Im not really mind it actually. Hmmmhh.. Idk  what i wanna write. what i wanna post. All is blank in my mind.
You know, i really pain and plain. Seems like i have many things to talk, but it just stuck on my mind. i rather choose to keep it then i spit it out.
I hate to be like this. I hate everything.
I just pretend that i love everything. And pretend that everything alright. Although i know actually there many thing to fix. I hate to say that everything perfect, and i know it's a lie.

Puhlease. My blogs really dont make a sense. NONSENSE. BIG NONSENSE.