Monday, 19 March 2012

10 things you should know

Dear you,

I know and as everyone knows, I'm not the typical person who is easy to regret things. But this time I will tell you how much I regret about you in my life.


I'm very sorry that I ever loved you. Then chased after you. Spend all my time with you. Just as there's no tomorrow.


I'm very sorry that I loved you so much. Through time and the days that we spend together. Even though I know, you didn't love, never! But just used me.

I'm so sorry, why did I end up telling you that I officially move on from you. I even had time to say thank you and farewell to the mortal feelings that I have.

I regret why I betrayed you who 'I know you'll never love me'. I know you didn't have any feelings towards me, but at least I can not leave you just because of my pain.

I regret it and I cried in your arms. Yeah, I know, you're very disappointed in me. If people see me cry, it's not for anyone else, but it is because of you.

I hate why you receive any outside people talk about me? Obviously you have to know how I am. How are we?

I hate when I know you remove me any from your social media.

In the end, I thank you for any treatment to me. I know how you feel. I know how it feels in the betrayers. I know how it feels!

All this does not need to blame. All the laws of nature. This is the way we should.

Thank you for ever stopped and stayed in my heart. Thank you for minor scratches, but the wound in my heart. Thank you for all the memories we made. Thanks for all the time we spend together. Thanks for all the smiles and laughter jokes that we bundle. Thank you for this life lesson. Thank you and good bye. This is a last thing i have to tell you and you should know.Thank you. I'm sorry

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hallo :)
Right now, not all of you who read my blogs are strangers. The stranger one is me. I feel, i'm a stranger who entering someone house. Then, i try to live in. That's my feelings.
It is my first writing in this year. It's been 3rd months since we start 2012. Yes, i've been busy. Busy with my self. Busy with another social media. Busy with Twitter that has a limit to write just 140 character. Busy solving my problems. Busy this and that. Anything that keep going in the life.
Honestly, i misses a lot of thing. A LOT! I misses home, i misses family, i misses people who ever been with me, i misses everything that i ever done. I misses everything that ever happen in my life. Especially, the good memories.
Year changes, people changes. Environment changes, attitude changes. Habit changes, everything changes.
I hate about this changes. But this is the one that make us keep going through our life.
I hate to moan. Because i was born to not doing it. What ever happen, life still keep going.
Sky will not change its color even you are happy or not. 
This year, i've seen a lot of people come and go.
And previous year i've learned a lot of precious thing.
Everyday we learn. Yeah, that's the point!

Another thing, i hate to leave and leaving by someone. I mean, separated.
I have one of my best friend, who really took a care of me. I love her, she was my best friend since we were in the same class in high school. But, the distance make everything different. She have a new friends. She live in a good country. She make a friend with glamour peoples. She had a western (ex) boyfriend. Right now, she have a new hobby. Clubbing :|
*Sigh* That's just a simple example, what's happening in my life and what's the changes.
I love her, when we were together. I love her when we did stupidity things together. I love her when she cooked something and she always told me to try. I love her with her ordinary life. I love her when she came to my home and had a conversation with my family. I love her whenever i need to study, she always be there to help me. Moreover, she treated me if i don't have money.

I miss the old you... :(
I miss the old US.... :(

One thing that makes me disappointed, this year you didn't celebrate me at my birthday. Not a single words of "Happy Birthday" :( I know, maybe i don't have any right anymore of your life. But, that words so mean to me. To our friendship. *Sigh*
It's okay, maybe just me the one who always understand. I know you are so high class right now, and you are obviously busy with your own happiness :)

Hmmmh... I don't even know what i have to write. I miss a lot of thing.
People changes, but memories not.