Sunday, 17 October 2010

story about 'MS'

Hai strangers, how are you in these day? Sorry for leaving my blogs for couple month. I'm totally busy with every university suck lifes. Everythings happen in here. And the last of this month, 31 oct 2010 is my and our 1st anniversary in here. When we moved from our beloved country, start a new life, and got this suck life. I wish a halloween party actually but it's impossible eh? HAHAHAHAAAA --nuts

But yeah, it's how the lifes roll. Rolling up, rolling down,rolling left, rolling right, rolling eyes :D Oh okay okay, it's too much. I love to be here, i meet something new, i meet a new friends, family, housemate, boyfriend and another some.

You know, i've a one thing that i really love and one thing that it's really my big secret.
But i just let 'someone' to know about it, and i really love.
Okay, lemme write about 'My Someone' (MS)
'My someone' is really mysterious. And i really really really daaaamnnn in love with 'MS'. It's really deep and idk just starring 'MS' with everything that 'MS' do, already make me happy. Ikr, i do like a stupid person. Just make sure 'MS' okay, it's enough for me.

By the way, actually i try to forget 'MS'. I thought i was wrong in it. But what can i do? i really falling love and.....please, im okay to give all my life to 'MS'.
We did everything together, laugh, cry, share, and anything.
One day, when i was in my progress to forget 'MS', 'MS' talked about something that i knew actually 'MS' just kidding on me. But it's really hurt me, you know why? Because i'm still in progress to forget and everything that happens will really touch my sensitive heart.
Then, i just silent. I know, it was my fault. 'MS'didn't mean to actually. 

Mmhh.. yesterday, my heart really broken to many pieces.
'MS' was crying, and crying on my shoulder. And my 'MS' told me a big secret that it was really really really really hurt me :'(
Pleaseeeeeeee heeellllpppppppp ! I can't hold it anymore. But what should i do?
I just can smile, and smile. Support you in every way as long as you happy. 

Dear My someone..
You're really special for me.
I love you and it's really damn much.
I knew, we will never be together.
But the togetherness that we have done are really meaningful to me.
I love you
I love you
I love you
I really really really really really like yooooouuu..

Whatever people said about you.