Wednesday, 5 November 2008

every songs remind me of you .

lalalalala ..

you hurt me in every part of me .

you make me sick cz ur fucking love .

but i know , that is not you

that is not real you ..

a go , you love me in every part of me .

you need me , coz ur love for me is real .

i know , that is you .

that is a real you .

bridge :

why you fake to me ?

what’s the reason ?

tell me . tell me !

don’t fake with me

reff :

i know u really love me deep well

or , you now , hate me damn well

every bad things that you do know,

i know , that not YOU .

not real you .

that’s JUST FAKE .

==dedicated to someone==

.thx vo every damn thing.

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