Tuesday, 17 November 2009

game ?

what should i share tonite ?
 it's 02.01 am and i'm not yet sleep. yeah, as usual i always like this. it's insomnia ? maybe. exactly, i'm not insomnia as long as i stay here, that's all already happened when i'm still in indonesia. i just wanna share lil' story about me here. i'm here really really free. but it doesn't means that i'm in my part of freedom life. no, not like that. freedom in here it's for thinking and doing. manner. i can do everything that i thinking is right, and doing everything that i thinking is true. just realized by our self. is that true or not. bad or good and best way or worst. but, i love to be here. my sickness and happiness, i feel by my self. just smile and cry alone here. but no more cry, 'cause to be here is i'm choose and the my choise. no more regret in my life. 

actually i'm affraid to meet something new. why ? because i'll leave it if the time is coming. and i will feel sad again. yeah, it's a life. a reality. meet new, leave it. meet new, leave it. random and repeat like that. love life like sick hurt broken give up rise meet interest and back to love again. 

it's a life. is that just a game ?

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


yang paling menyakitkan buat gue sekarang ialah :
" ketika gue mencintai seseorang, seseorang itu sudah pergi bersama dgn orang yang lain"

gue benci untuk menyesal, dan tersenyum disaat gue pengen nangis.
tapi airmata itu ga ada.
karena gue sadar kalo gue emg ga berhak nangis, gue bukan siapa2 dia.
gue benci buat ngeliat dia berjalan berdampingan dengan orang lain.
dan dia terlihat sangat bahagia.

gue bahagia dan rela kalo dia bahagia dengannya,

tapi yg bikin gue lebih bersyukur adalah:
" gue udah pernah melalui hari hari gue sama2 dia.."

walopun hanya beberapa hari

Thursday, 5 November 2009

something new here

teh tarik

my house at the nite

and this is it, recorder of farah quinn.
i record it before i'll gone, cause i know maybe i'll missin' everything that usual i watching.

yeah, i'm not in indonesia anymore. i've continue my college at universiti malaysia perlis. engineering entrepreneurship, for 3rd years.
today is 5days i live here. at the 1st picture i just wanna show you how i miss my mario, and the 2nd picture is just the simbol. the 3rd is my cluster in here. actually this is an boarding house, but it's like a house hehe :p and the last. guess who? yeah it's, " this is it..hmm yummy, cita rasa masakan indonesia ala chef farah quinn " . hahahaha
she is my favorite chef. and i'll be missing this tv program. then i record it ;)

as long as i live here, there's nothing problem. everything is okay. i'm not feel homesick. my neighbor is chinese and indonesia. the indonesia is from jakarta and bogor. they are at room 11 ( me at room 9 ), she is kak nay, kak intan, kak jingga and kak taiyoo. they are same like me, engineering entrepreneurship. at 10 is a chinese. i'm not yet knowing details who they are. i just knowing one, she wants me called her is yoyo.
yoyo is like a game in indonesia. hahaha

oh yeah, in my house have a 4 room. 3 is sharing and 1 is single. have 2 toilet. and everything really2 comfort. 1st and 2nd is a big one. ve and baby is in the 1st, me and valendea is in two. the different between 1st and 2nd is just 1st room have a toilet. and 3rd room is small, ina and intan is there. and the last iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss... BULE! hahaha
yeaahhh she is bule. the name is palidan. she's kazakhaztan and qatar. but she lives in china.
( gue ga tau knapa gue temenan sm cina mulu haha )

i like to live here, my family and friends, please to not worried about me. cause i'm okay and i'll survive wherever i'm ;)