Friday, 17 October 2008

mocking me as u like dud !

mocking me . backing me .
do it . as u like
i hate it . but i can't prohibit it .
but . u must know , i'll never vengeance with u all .
i try to patient . i can't do anything again
pain n sorrow .
but u'll ever know what that i feel.
see me . hear me . feel me .
god know . but waiting.
just god can response all to u . all ..
problem ? i've big god :)
spirit ... S . P . I . R . I . T !

promise and dissapointed :(

sometimes , i feel disappointed with my life.

pessimist to walking my life.

so bored to life going on my life.

once upon a time, i meet someone who care with my condition.

i share . we share .

i told her/him about all expectation me with her/him .

i dun’t wanna disappointed again

and he/she promised me that he/she ‘ll never disappointed me ..

i believe . and always believe.

but. however ,

everybody, who ever i shared with her/him.

and everybody who ever promised with me he/she never disappointed me,

exactly, make me disappointed!

i hate it, actually . really!

where r they mind ?

still remember with ur promise, dud ?

last hugs

for this time.

it’s better that we break.

i say goodbye for all that happen almost half years .

i know it’s not a simple year .

it’s not a little .

we ever do anything. and feel all together..

if u come back . i’ve things to say , probably . baby..

i’m still loving u . but if i still continue our relation . it can kill me cz thiz feel.

and now . i know u r diffrent . u change .

fake !

i’m endeavour to make all situastion like first ..

i dunoo . i’m so tired .


i love you .

but i must ….

end this relation.

and thx vo everything.

give me , last hugs………

Sunday, 5 October 2008

fool :(

menunggu dan menunggu mana enak..

setelah dapet juga karena terpaksa..

jadi . lebih baik ttp dicuekin karna kita tw perasaan dy sbnrnya k kita gimana .

atau lebih baik gga dicuekin tapi dia munafik ?

rasanya smua orang bakalan sulit memilih..

skrg harus gimana ?

menerima keadaan tanpa merasa kalah , padahal kita menyerah ?

atau kita harus tertawa . tersenyum untuk kebodohan diri kita slama ini ?

tolongg berikan jawaban----------

Saturday, 4 October 2008

akhirnya ..

yeah .
finally , i'm successfull make a new blogs in blogger .
i dunno , sometimes , we need share about anything in ur life .
hahhaa :))
yeah ..
just intermezzo .
see you next in my next [ new ] blogs . :)