Saturday, 16 May 2009

about the hospital

the badsmell of the hospital feel so sharp in the nose.
see many people who wear white clothes.
usually we know them as a nurses and a docter.
sometimes knocking the door,
to give some medicine,
take some liters of bloods
and check the infus.

docter came so late to check their patien
just nurses who walking and protect patien

so tired i am at 1st weeks
not just i am , all member of the family i think so

and including the patien who was sick .

i just hopefully will be better,
gonna be alright.
for all patien and including my father..

dad, we waiting you back home : )

Monday, 11 May 2009

farewell and hopefully things at this time

farewell party..
yeahh , as we know every people ( almost ) waiting this moment.
except me maybe.
why i didn't like farewell ? not cause it's make so sad.
but, i feel so bored to be there at the situation.
uuuuhhh so disgusting !
how disgusting people that i ever know.

although it's a party with a kebaya for the dress code,
it's not make the glam become minus.
that's all happened at novotel .
so brillian for the osis to make the concept so beautifull and look so LIFE :)

with the red carpet and the banner that have a GOLDEN 1st name at there .
look as a grammy award , small version.

actually, so happy for this graduation.
cause, i walk alone in my life for the future.
without another badperson..

actually, so sad too..
to leave all things who ever support me.

farewell at smansa .
yeah, loving smansa in hate so much.


bad things today,
i dunno what happen with my father and it must make him opname at charitas at this time !
dad, all will be alright .
hopefully :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009


adel hari ini minta maaf.
tapi aku ga tau mesti bilang apa.
soalnya, jangankan untuk masalahnya.
sama orangnya aja aku udah ngelupain.
sejak bermasalah.
aku lebih memilih untuk menghindari dan melupakan.

bukan apa apa.
rasa sakit hati yang pernah terjadi rasanya sulit buat dilupakan atau juga diingat
aku tau, smua orang emang punya kesalahan.
tapi aku udah terlalu sakit dengan semua perilaku dia dan mereka selama ini.

aku masih terus berusaha untuk baik dan biasa aja
meskipun keadaan sebenernya sangat enggak biasa biasa aja.

awalnya aku berusaha untuk memaafkan
walaupun akhirnya terlalu berat untuk memaafkan
saking seringnya aku memaafkan,
rasa maaf itu seperti enggak ada artinya.

aku enggak suka yang kayak gitu
lebih baik aku enggak memaafkan sama sekali ( melupakan )
daripada aku bilang aku sudah menerima maafnya, tapi kenyataannya berbeda.

aku lebih baik begini daripada munafik
dan aku lebih baik diam
daripada berpura pura baik didepan orang yang kita benci.
tetapi dibelakangnya menjelek jelekkan.

aku tau apa yang harus aku lakukan
dan aku tau apa yang terbaik untuk aku
dan aku berterima kasih untuk semua yang udah dilakuin bareng bareng
dan maaf untuk semuanya

sekarang jadi hari terakhir.

aku hanya pengen hidup menata dan menatap masa depan.
menghadapi apa yang akan datang
melupakan apa yang telah terjadi
dan berjalan sesuai alur hidupku nanti

walaupun aku tau, dimasa depan akan ada lebih banyak tantangan
dan ini hanyalah sebuah awalan.

new blogs ..

i make again the blogs.
the name is invisible love.
why ?
because, maybe at the blogs, i'll posting the blogs who actually that's happen in real life.
behind the blogs, i'm insert the piece of ym or email
just thinking. why the ym cannot we published to shared with another person ?
yeah . wait it. coming soon :)

Monday, 4 May 2009

throw all memories about a fool person !

throw away the bottle
and in the bottle that's all memories
lost memory it's the best way
simple things
and best things
it's a choosen not a destination
i hate all things who had done
i hate all things who make me want to die
i hate all things who makes me sick
i hate .
including you.
i had you a go
but not now
i don't wanna be your friend again
not just you. but they.
they are just a past
i know, to be with them a go
is a fool
call me foolish when i'm still with them
they are a rubbish
they are a human who doesn't have a brain
just talking talking and talking about badlife of someone
yeah, they are.
i don't know how i can explain my feeling again
my heart really really died .
already died to show you how digusting they are
how bad they are
how they are just a human who had a brain without something at there
think it !
just eforia at they life
they spending all times with have fun have fun without know the means of life.
i don't know again what to tell
over bored to tell
disturbing and disgusting
having a mouth as a rubbish
oh . i've something to tell
i hate one of them who had a bad mouth
talking talking and talking with another person
and the talks is empty!
a liar . having a relationship with her boy
and the boy is so fool.
so fool you are as a donkey
be with her ur like a DONKEY!
poor you are.

pst. i've i were you NO WAY i CHOOSEN her be with you !
and now, i know that the fake become a right and the truh become a worst.
actually, they are know who's the right and wrong . but they are shy to tell the right , i think.
yeah they are know. if they have a heart but i don't think so.

and if they read this blogs again.
so what ? i don't care .
they are just past !

KICK the bottle away .