Thursday, 9 July 2009

inspiring and influencing me

3 woman who inspiring me :
- mom :
someone who be pregnant of me, told me the 1st words, teach me a life until i've growing up as my self and would be mature .
- ka intan :
she's just ( an ) ordinary girl but she's not I think . she's someone who giving me a lot, many, much support with her advice. she teach me knowledge of life when I was teens ( as now ), she teach me about life, and she teach everything that i've never known before. as a breath and a blood in the arthery. yeah, how much i've obligation with her .
last, why i've adored her so much : everything what I told about her, she's doesn't care as she never heard :D
that's why I really really adored with stiff and mature person as her . she's influencing 70% of my life .
- ka nanda :
brain, beauty, behaviour . 1st time I meet her and until now. in past, i've regards her as my best friend. but as long as time walking, i've known her well. and last I know, she's justn't my best but also my best sista..
gave me some advice and sometimes doing stupid share. yeah although that's all have done last year before she's gone. i've and will pride of you .
last, I would tell how much I love them. for everythings. for everylife and laugh .
: )

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ferdi said...

salam kenal...

maap belum bisa komen soal postingannya, bahasa inggris seh... hehehe...