Wednesday, 8 July 2009


nite to nite walking,
time to time so fastly,
just heard many songs,
playing with gadget,
writing blogs,
stories of my life.
post an publish it.
i'm not sleep at nite,
not too at the morning.
concave eyes and weaks body.
but I didn't care .
i do that just because wants make my heart feel so free
i'm searching for the way but i'm not yet found it .
i just fakes as long as I can.
hiding the truth,
until feel so sick.
i don't wants to cutting the artery too,
it's sound so scare .
i would do that actually,
but i'm not.

i just wants sleep and sleep all day and all nite.
then not wake up anymore.
i'll feel so free if it's all become true.
and of course happily ever after, I think.
but, it's not .
just my fool think.

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