Wednesday, 1 July 2009


i've tired
but i can't cried
can not resting my eye
and resting my mind

everything i think is gone
and absolutely ever be my mine
i would they come back
and leave me alone

i will fly
and flying half of my heart
half of my breath
and full of my soul

i would die
if i clear
doesn't have any problem again
doesn't have any things at the world, again
to i finished .

i don't know what i write
i don't know what the mean
this is the sore
sore head
sore heart

i will break it if i can
i will throw it if i can
i will close my eye and mind
if i can
not for temporary rest
but forever rest

my life..
the old memories was showing up in my brain
as a circle walking
slowly sometimes fastly
am i dreaming ?
am i imaginating ?

punch my heart
and bang my mind
and then ..........
bruk !
i don't know what happened anymore.

then i know,
the life's is end.

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