Sunday, 23 December 2012

Me and my idol


Lately, i've been (makes my self) busy with watching Youtube of Agnes Monica. Agnes Monica? Yes! The young diva of Indonesia. Without i realized, i was grow up with her. I'm being her fans since i was 7 years old. As i remember, i really love to watch her video clip 'Si Meong' and the most i like was 'Bala-Bala'. I even still remember her expression when she was sing that song. And then i always watched her when she was a host for several children's programs. My favorite was Tralala-trilili (and i still remember the gesture of her hand too, when she used to say Tralala-trilili). Since that, i was falling in love with her, and yes. I still in love with her. I would never let my self missed any single thing of her. Her music, her video clip, her tv drama's, and also i always follow up her awards news! Sounds freak? Yes, i am.

Today, i'm watching her 'Make it happen' in Youtube. I apologize i couldn't watch it live anymore, since i was not live in Indonesia start by 3 years ago. At the beginning, Agnez have an interaction with her fans: "Who ever watch my show more than 10? 20? 30? 50?... and 100? More than 100?." You know how was my expression when she asked like that? I was like... "meeeee! meeeee!" and yeah, i'm totally freak. I just watching through youtube not in real. Agnes wouldn't recognize me (and even i watch in her live show too).

A lot of words that i wanna say about this. But a day maybe would never enough to write about how i love her. And, this is what am i suppose to tell you, NezindaHood:
I'am her fans too. I love her like the way all of you do. But, puhlease. If you really loves Agnes as your idol, you should respect her by 'be a good fans'. That's it. Often i read in twitter, Agnes fans had a twitwar with another celebrity. It makes reputation of the artis down. You know it? Be a smart fans.

Agnes Monica
i have no idea how she inspired me. With her quote "dream, believe and make it happen." She just right. And yeah, right. Totally right. To see her nowadays, i feel so satisfy. Damn, i was so right to fall for her since i was 7 years old. Being her fans all my life! I even had  a dream to choose the same university as she used to before :p it was all because, i really wanna meet her. HAHA!

For me, i don't wanna be 'an extraordinary fans'. I just wanna be an 'ordinary fans'. I like her personality, i like her music, i like her style, and i like how she hide her personal life to public :) You really know how to hide it well, Agnes. Bravo!

Being too fanatic fans is tiring. You know it?. Yes, it's soooo tired! You feel like your idol is yours. You will protect them as much as you can. Or even do some another 'extraordinary' things again. That's why, you need to be a smart fans. Support the artist and enough. If you are doing 'too over', you will make reputation of your idol also down. Don't you think so?

I likes a lot of artist too. I likes Mike Posner, Eminem and Selena Gomez too. But i just keep the distance my illusion of being a fans. Make it balance. Life and reality. Again and again, being a fans of an idol is SUPER TIRING! Last: "Be a good fans, be a smart fans, and keep respect each other", are the best thing you should remember if you have an idol! ;)

 Extra: i love them, the artist above. Whose mad? :p

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