Tuesday, 17 November 2009

game ?

what should i share tonite ?
 it's 02.01 am and i'm not yet sleep. yeah, as usual i always like this. it's insomnia ? maybe. exactly, i'm not insomnia as long as i stay here, that's all already happened when i'm still in indonesia. i just wanna share lil' story about me here. i'm here really really free. but it doesn't means that i'm in my part of freedom life. no, not like that. freedom in here it's for thinking and doing. manner. i can do everything that i thinking is right, and doing everything that i thinking is true. just realized by our self. is that true or not. bad or good and best way or worst. but, i love to be here. my sickness and happiness, i feel by my self. just smile and cry alone here. but no more cry, 'cause to be here is i'm choose and the my choise. no more regret in my life. 

actually i'm affraid to meet something new. why ? because i'll leave it if the time is coming. and i will feel sad again. yeah, it's a life. a reality. meet new, leave it. meet new, leave it. random and repeat like that. love life like sick hurt broken give up rise meet interest and back to love again. 

it's a life. is that just a game ?

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