Thursday, 13 October 2011


I thought you would never leave me
I thought you would never lie,
I wish I could just die.
How could you play me this way?
Why would you not tell me instead?
You should had set me free and just let me be!
How could you live with yourself?
How could you look at her face and tell her that you love her? 
when you know you should of just told her.
Why drag me along, when you know you were wrong?
You told me you loved me, you told me that you cared.
I believed you because I was scared.
Afraid to loose my lover, not knowing it was all over.
Where was she all this time, when I was sure you were mine?
You promised her eternity, but you could not give me an alternative.
Why would you mark me this way, 
you have left a stain that shames my last name.
Because my love for you was so strong.
I thought I could never hate you but I guess I was wrong,
All I can do now is sit and analyze 
And hope one day you would realize.
That I did not deserve this and you should have told me.
Today I move on with a heart made of stone,
All I can say I wish I had known.

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