Thursday, 13 October 2011

I Thought You Said Forever?

What does forever mean to you?
When you couldn’t even keep it true
You said were you’d forever be there
But were those just words pulled from thin air?
Did you actually love me?
Did you really see the feelings I see?
The truth, the love, the loyal tears
The betrayal, hate, and the fear
I thought you felt the same
That you would cover me in the rain
I thought forever and always was forever
But now there’s not an us…never
You said you’d always be there for me
But now I truly see
That you never saw the feelings in my soul
Now you’ve pierced my heart with a hole
But my heart has healed
Now I have friends that are real
And you're gone out of my life
Unable to pierce me with the heartbreaking knives
I thought forever was forever not just a word
But I guess that’s not what I heard…

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