Wednesday, 10 February 2010

i miss you in every way

Hi strangers, as usual i wish you all in a good condition to read and meet me again :)
Well, 31 october 2009. It's mean 3 month ago and now almost 4 month, i move to here. It's too many memorize that i left. * tring * ( try to flash back ).
4 month ago, i just stay at home. I already finished my damn senior high school ( finally ). There's too many things that i get. And as long as i stayed at home, sometimes i had a quarrel with my father. Exactly, one month before i move to here, i feels so hate my father. And i can't wait for the momment to move here.  Time running fast. 2weeks before i move here, my father really - really so care with me ( i thought, because his daughter will left him ). Then i always went to everywhere, every place with my father. Until at the momment, only both of us at the car, while he drived. He told me : " daughter, now you already follow me and my activity to get money. It's just for you, for my children. I wish you can successful at there. And if you already success, may i take a money from you ? ".
Oh god.. I just answered my father answer with laughing face. I always did it if i don't know what should i do. 
" Hahaa.. it's okay paa.. i'll give you money and will give you everything that you want if i already get a successful ".

At the time when i went to here. My family read me a yassin. Wish me get successful in here. I didn't want to cry. I saw my mother, my brother and my sister. Again and again thinking and thinking about the memorize that already had done. It's the time we all grew up. And it's the time all the children of my parents choose the own way. We will get a future and we aren't together to reach it.

Until the time i will get my flight, my father cried and also my grand mother. Oh damn! What should i do ? I told to them and make sure that i will be alright.


Now, after take a shower, i look my phone got a message. It's from my father. He told me that he will go to jakarta. To operate his eyes. Nobodies accompany him. 4 month ago, when he get sick, i always accompany him. My father told me, everybody at home all busy. So he will go to jakarta by himself. Dad, if i'm at there, if i'm in your side, exactly i wanna accompany you ! But i realize, i can't back home now.
I remembered all things that we've done. When i told a story about my family to my friends in here, the tittle is about you. Without i realized, i already spent my time with you. So many times. 


I miss you, dad. I miss you, papa
I really really sorry for everything

Your daughter,
Take care and good night


ferfau said...


ferfau said...

I know what u feel, jauh dari orang tua, apalagi beda negara... ckckckck...
tapi mandiri udh ga diragukan lagi kan, yu???!! good,,, ^_^

main2 ke blog gw ya... hehehehe

Creatiia said...

like i've said before.. you'll miss him. the distance, the loneliness, make us realized the importance of family, hometown, especially our parents.

all the best wishes for om ali anyway!

aiuemocha said...

@ferfau hahaha iya nih fer, pastinya begitu :) although ima not to sure to be mature hahaha . thanks udah mampir

@Creatiia thanks sist :) i've somethin' to tell you. i'll tell you soon!