Sunday, 7 February 2010

i heart my new lomo

Hi strangers, how are you in these day ? I hope you all still enjoying your suck life, yea. Damn. I've new hobbies now. After i move to here ( Malaysia ), i don't have any gadget to take a picture anymore, beside camera phone. It just 3,2MP :( . That's why i missed my nikon d300 badly !

Okay, maybe 1 weeks ago, when me and my bf went to KL, i have an idea to buy a camera. But it's not a SLR or Digicam. It is LOMO. Yeah, it just a toys cam. But the result is so funny and i like it! We just need a roll of film and click. Doesn't matter the result. And it always make us wondering about the result. Alright, there are many type of lomo camera's. Actually i want an oktomat. But the stock is empty :( . I want buy a diana mini, but too expensive. I'm a bored person. I afraid, if i buy an expensive gadget, i'll get bore and the gadget will useless. Arrived at there, i went to pavilion on searching Mooks shop. I got it! As i told, oktomat stock is empty, so i bought POP9. It seems as oktomat. It has 9 lense. The different is : POP9 has a flash. Hmmmhh...

I bought it for RM: 156.00
( excluding film )

And the film. Asa800 limited edition, 25th year anniversary of lomography :
Too expensive : RM24.00

And last, the result :
( Click the picture to zoom in )
hahhahahaa i just put it on my plain room :)

I love to experiment and love to enjoying my new camera. I wish, i can take a picture better and make my room more beautiful ;) 

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Anonymous said...

hooo... pop nine
ini toh blogmu..

link aku dong dong dong