Thursday, 22 January 2009

one chance . or never !

become a good friend , isn't an easy choice .
many ways that we must across to go to the final destination .
but only one way, that the real way .
ever think that, must you need a friend ( and having they )although your friend isn't a good friend ?
or, you walk alone to live in your life although you know everybody , every human , everyyyyy people in this world need another people to doing any activities to continue they life's .
anyway , sometimes .. we can think that, better that we didn't having friend, bcz, they aren't good for your life . they didn't a good human to participation in ur life .
believe, sometimes . the choice that ever us think that , it's a big wrong in our life ( or maybe ever make our life feels that it's the worst way that u ever choose ), it's not full wrong of it .
every bad or good things that we have done, don't ever commiseration about it .
one day, u can know, what that ever you have done , is a best way !

inti :
lebih baik jalan sendiri . daripada memiliki teman yang menyakitkan hati .
toh, mereka tidak lebih baik dari apa yang telah kita pilih dan jalani .
percaya saja. bahwa kita masih bisa dan pasti akan selalu bisa untuk tetap hidup bahkan bertahan dihidup kita dengan baik" saja . tanpaNYA atau MEREKA .

don't ever make all problem become a big problem . u can make it become easier if u chance angle of your mind !

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