Friday, 13 August 2010

it was me !

Hi strangers, what's you up to? 
Hmh, i really felt so bad. I really lost every feel in my heart. I dont know how to interest, like, love, and care anymore. I really feel so pain. Painful.  I just feeling so hate about everything. Fragile. I always feel, i ready to lose anything. I'm ready and i'm okay. 
Today i read a tweets:
@ FaktanyaAdalah: # the fact that the man who likes to hurt women is a man who could never appreciate his mother
Not just a man actually, me to as a woman. Sometimes we are failed. Always hurt man's heart although actually we didn't mean to. I just wanna write here, that i dont have any love anymore. Not just for you, but also for everythings in my live, and my self. I'm sorry, it was not your fault, it was me.


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