Thursday, 17 June 2010


Hi strangers, i'm sorry to forget my blogs for aloooooong times. Yeah, i kindda busy and i've another social media that make me can't managing, what is mine that i should open first ? Absolutely, i choose twitter, than facebook, thaaaaan.... maybe tumblr and blogspot. By the way, tumblr it's the main reason why i forgetting my blogspot :D 

Tumblr is a blog but looks simply and chick.
Fashionable and multifunction than blogspot.
 But whatever, i still and always love my blogspot. I knew you before i know them. You're my best friend that never judge me what ever i wrote, what ever on my mind. I've a lot of story in this blogs. And have another blogs in one account. Wow, i realized how love i am to write, to share and finally totally realived. Before i write this posting, as usual, i do blog - walking. Yeah, it works. Helping me to back on my mood. I read my last blog and i read my old posting. Great, i've a lot of story in my live. I noted it on my blogs. Although i'm didn't write who are they in my posting, but it help me to open my memorize. nostalgia. Oh my...

Many stories happened in these day. My mood turns like a roller coaster or space shoot. Up and down. Up and down. Imma hurt, imma down, imma happy, and imma smile. Ah, random. But i really skip my class today. I really not in the mood until now i write this blog * lil' bit better *. Sometimes i thought my past, i did like a poet or what is the name the people who always love to make a poem or poetry. And how's my life now? I'm simply. I dont wanna tell anything. Imma closer. And i wont write anything too long. I just realized how's the life. What is the real life. 

How's my life in the future? Let this posting will be a memorize in the future.

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