Monday, 4 May 2009

throw all memories about a fool person !

throw away the bottle
and in the bottle that's all memories
lost memory it's the best way
simple things
and best things
it's a choosen not a destination
i hate all things who had done
i hate all things who make me want to die
i hate all things who makes me sick
i hate .
including you.
i had you a go
but not now
i don't wanna be your friend again
not just you. but they.
they are just a past
i know, to be with them a go
is a fool
call me foolish when i'm still with them
they are a rubbish
they are a human who doesn't have a brain
just talking talking and talking about badlife of someone
yeah, they are.
i don't know how i can explain my feeling again
my heart really really died .
already died to show you how digusting they are
how bad they are
how they are just a human who had a brain without something at there
think it !
just eforia at they life
they spending all times with have fun have fun without know the means of life.
i don't know again what to tell
over bored to tell
disturbing and disgusting
having a mouth as a rubbish
oh . i've something to tell
i hate one of them who had a bad mouth
talking talking and talking with another person
and the talks is empty!
a liar . having a relationship with her boy
and the boy is so fool.
so fool you are as a donkey
be with her ur like a DONKEY!
poor you are.

pst. i've i were you NO WAY i CHOOSEN her be with you !
and now, i know that the fake become a right and the truh become a worst.
actually, they are know who's the right and wrong . but they are shy to tell the right , i think.
yeah they are know. if they have a heart but i don't think so.

and if they read this blogs again.
so what ? i don't care .
they are just past !

KICK the bottle away .

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