Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We Are Dead...

Dear You,

There are a lot of things that i am sure you are complaints about me,
I know that right.
I am not a perfect lady as you imagine.
I am not.

There are a lot of story that you never know about me,
not even noticed.
Don't you?

This lady who always smile actually have a really bad temper.
Now you know that, right?
This lady who always surviving, at the end could leaving.
You feel that, right?

After all,
The sweetest words that we ever said would be the bitter memory ever.
No more the smile whenever we see the moon
Not even care if it's full of half
Not even care if it's bright or not
All we know just,
Our love looks like perfect from afar
But actually it was not
It was not perfect at all
It was broken in everywhere

You said that i am the sweetest
But don't you know even the sweetest thing can hurt you?
The sweetest is not the best
It is the truly poison
And i am poisoning you
Your life

We are dead....

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