Monday, 6 May 2013

Me, Love and Life

A lot of people asked me "do you ever broken heart?", "do you ever sad?", "why you always looks happy?".

Honestly, that was the stuppidessssst question ever. Me, absolutely ever broken heart, ever sad. I'm a human too. Ordinary human. But i just don't want every body knows about my sadness. I don't want every body knows what i truly feels inside.

I fall in love with people soooo many times. Kinds of people who ever get me stuck with them. But, i get broken heart by them for uncounted times too. Balance.

And whats my secret to be happy? Self acceptance, forgive and forget. Letting go and moving on. Don't ever let your self get trapped in the past. Move forward to the future.

"Sakit hati itu biasa, jatuh cintalah sebanyak-banyaknya."


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