Saturday, 6 November 2010


Hi stangers, whatcu up to ?
Im in KL now, since perlis got flood, im evacuating my self to here.
Btw, my bf now in KL. He gotta move here. Well, we will be have a long distance relationship. Im not really mind it actually. Hmmmhh.. Idk  what i wanna write. what i wanna post. All is blank in my mind.
You know, i really pain and plain. Seems like i have many things to talk, but it just stuck on my mind. i rather choose to keep it then i spit it out.
I hate to be like this. I hate everything.
I just pretend that i love everything. And pretend that everything alright. Although i know actually there many thing to fix. I hate to say that everything perfect, and i know it's a lie.

Puhlease. My blogs really dont make a sense. NONSENSE. BIG NONSENSE.

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