Tuesday, 13 April 2010

all is over

Hi. Hello. How are you stranger ? I felt like i'm not me. I felt another soul come to my body and 'they' are now live inside. i'm a stranger.  I dont know who i am. What is my life. How i should live. How i survive in my life. And how to 'dont give up in my life'. I dont know when that's all totally begin. That's all totally changes me. And it was shocking me when i realized it. Actually i'm okay if i'm not realized it and i'm not explained what i've done. But nope! i can't. I need evaluation to make evolution in my life. I felt i was melting when i realize that's all wrong. I'm over. I'm totally a jerk . I'm bastard. I'm a loser. I wanna suicide but it won't ever solving the problem .I smile. And it's a  fake smile. Pretending that everything is okay. I heard many songs to make sure that everything is okay and tried to relax my mind. really i wanna cry but i can't. AAAAAAAAAAARGH! I'm wrong. I'm a shit ! I'm a dummy daughter ! What should i do ? Everything totally over. take me out please !

I'm happy but I'm empty

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